The Way We Live Now: Good, in bad places. Haiti: ballin. Broke students: ballin. Jerks: ballin. And guess who is not ballin? That's right, "the middle class." And glassmakers.

It is all a question of priorities. As always, the priorities of the "powers are that be" are to help the poors luxuriate on the proceeds of taxation of the hardworking middle class. Yes, Haiti had a bit of a shake. But what happens? Oh everyone is like, let's cancel the nation's debt. Really! Meanwhile the middle class would certainly volunteer to bounce about roughly on a trampoline for 20 seconds or so in exchange for Visa forgiving our credit card balance, but no—it doesn't "work that way."

Here is another thing: In my day, we attended school because of the value of education and because of normal horniness, only. Now what do kids get, to go to school? Money paid to them (is what they get). If you don't think that's an outrage, well, you never considered how many ice cream bars you could have bought at lunchtime had you been getting paid to go to school. A whole fuckload, is how many.

And this is "fair," they say. But have "they" considered the plight of the American glassmaker, whose industry is eroding as foreigners take over, and, using their glassmaking profits, the foreigners then buy new Versace luxury cellphones, which will cost more than $5k and which will "feature high-end materials such as leather."??

Leather. Must be nice. Not something the middle class American glassmaker gets to see too often these days. Why not just be satisfied with a no-leather coffee flavored drink at Starbucks, middle class man? Sorry; prices there are going up, too. I guess there's nothing nice left for you, the middle class.

Not that there ever was.

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