Please sit down for this. Seriously, just do it. Actually, no, stand up. You will probably need to run away in terror. Because the combination of this kid's sword, his sweatpants, and his awesome mullet, will probably kill you.

What sends this video rocketing into true immediate internet legend status? Is it the mullet? The truly masterful dual wielding of ninja swords? The sweatpants? Those all contribute, sure, but what really sets it apart is that someone is filming him. This kid didn't just set up a tripod, he felt this video warranted the gritty feel of a handheld camera in order to truly capture how fucking deadly this kid is.

(Edit: It was brought to our attention that the kid has high functioning autism, or aspergers syndrome. Still, that doesn't take away from how awesome both the performance and the video are.)

Some serious thanks go out to Deadspin and their readers for unearthing this gem.