Once a day we like to take a second to point out a comment that we found especially funny, interesting, or (maybe someday) uplifting. Today we get a reaction to Haiti and big bad Republicans.

honeybee111 described the Haitian Republican utopia in Matt Taibbi Translates David Brooks:

Moreover, Brooks' editorial completely misses what a spectacular, Republican dream Haiti is. The upper class Haitians have been exploiting their country for their own profit and pleasure for over 200 years and have done a spectacular job making sure their endeavors remain unencumbered by abominations like building codes, health codes, social safety nets, public education and available birth control. The place is a conservative's dream come true. I'm not sure why Rush Limbaugh and company haven't moved there already.

Oh right. The race thing. Upper class Haitians are black. That does put a fly into the ointment.

Agree or not, an interesting argument!