Mike Rowe, the consummate man's man, regales one of his dirtiest, most disgusting jobs ever on Dirty Jobs: sheep herding. Well, the actual job of herding sheep isn't so gross, it's just biting off of their testicles that's off-putting.

Now Mike Rowe has done some disgusting jobs on Dirty Jobs. most of them involving him knee-deep in shit. But this one didn't just trump all the others as far as the gross-out factor, it caught him completely off-guard as well. He assumed he would just tie rubber bands around the sheep's junk and wait for their balls to fall off. He called a number of animal rights groups to make sure that that was, in fact, the correct humane process. They said it was (even PETA!). But he was in for a rude awakening. It turned out that chomping off the ol' family jewels was not only more humane, but delicious as well. The more you know.

[via Fora.TV]