The only people who make it through the Idol screening process are freaks, people with borderline talent, and people with actual talent. This year Simon seems to be saying yes to the first two at an alarming rate.

Look at last night alone. Three people that were either obnoxious, ridiculous, or laughable got through to Hollywood. A man racked his balls while simultaneously splitting his pants trying to do the splits, and Simon just waved him on through. Two twins, the most offensive contestants of the night (including the guy who got arrested), also went to Hollywood. What is going on? Does Simon want to leave this show in shambles with questionable/horrible contestants? Well if he wants The X-Factor to be the Next Big Thing, then maybe?

Also make a note that not once this season have they said it was the Best. Season. Ever. And none of the judges have said "the talent we have this year blows all other years out of the water." Maybe Idol won't go out with a bang, but a sad, pants-splitting whimper.

Thanks to intern Rachel Simpson for the video.