So, did I not tell everyone that this season would be better than the last one? To paraphrase Tim Gunn, it is time to recalibrate your expectations people! Project Runway is back!

In last week's season premiere, the pacing seemed snappier, the editing sharper, and the designers more interesting, imaginative, and talented compared with last season. I'm sure tonight's episode will be another good one, so why not join our group live blog of the show and help rekindle the PR excitement? The show starts at 10 Eastern on Lifetime, and the live blog happens in the comments section below, where all are welcome to join in.

I expect that our participant ranks will be diminished somewhat due to the Jersey Shore live blog party going on across the Gawker hall—but that was true last week too, and it didn't prevent us from having a great live blog then. For a selection of some of my favorite comments from that one, click here. Highlights included the following:

  • Many of us were put off by the new look of the sewing room, which has been painted an ugly shade of pink. Maybe it was supposed to be the Pepto-Bismol Sewing Room and the sponsorship deal fell through at the last minute?
  • We noticed that one designer, Janeane, couldn't seem to stop crying, often inexplicably. I suggest we call her "Sanjaya Girl" from now on.
  • During a commercial for some shitty movie, commenter Old Ocho accurately observed: "Not all shitty movies are released in January, but all movies released in January are shitty."
  • Apparently, the show's producers ordered one too many retro Bettie Page-haircut women this year. I'm surprised they didn't just put the extra one in storage for next season.
  • Commenter katekate dubbed one designer, "Completely Unmemorable Brunette." I can't remember which designer that was, so I guess the nickname is a good one.

On the subject of nicknames, we got off to a good start on creating some for this season's designers. For example, Lizawithazee named Ping "Pong," unclevanya suggested "Aunt Bunny" for Anthony, and robina dubbed Janeane "Weepy McLifetime" (which is probably at least as good as my "Sanjaya Girl" suggestion). Speaking of Janeane, I propose we adopt "drink whenever she cries" as a new drinking-game rule. It might be the only one we need to get nice and drunk every week.

I don't have many "things to watch for" tonight because I didn't get a "highlight reel" DVD from Lifetime this week (they promise to send me one next week, though). Judging from the 30-second promo spot, the designers have to go to a farm and make clothes out of stuff like burlap sacks. That sounds like a promising departure from the all-too-common "go buy fabric at Mood and make something" challenges of last season, so I'm down with it.

OK, gang, let's get ready to live-blog. Have you all finished recalibrating your expectations yet? No? Well hurry up! The pre-show time frame will expire any minute!