Once daily we suspend our rabid and filthy gossiping to do the Lord's work: Recognizing one silly comment amidst a sea of silly comments so that we may all be sillier, and thus feel closer to space-god. Today: Poetry!

In a post about the mysterious and chilling phenomenon that is iCarly, a similarly-named commenter called iplaudius waxed eloquently:

i, plaudius find this plausible,
though i plod, should i applause?
should i plaudit be? i pause,
and i posit an ipod
where a walkman was,
i, bodius electricus,
i blah blah blahdius.

It's like reading Latin when you're drunk!

Much like watching iCarly is akin to reading Japanese while stumbling blindly and be-mescalin'd through Crater Lake National Park, high as a Franciscan nun.