Dave Winer wanted to smackdown David Carr's "cockamamie" columns; Liz Hanks was cajoled over her "breakup;" and a Wired editor demanded better excuses. The Twitterati have answers for you, but you're not going to like them.

Sometimes, Wired's Joe Brown prefers writers who fabricate.

Author and former HuffPo writer Liz Hanks does not want to be interrogated about her angry departure from the American Left. We imagine one such grilling will be forthcoming from father Tom, and sufficient.

Blog pioneer and soon-to-be NYU visiting scholar Dave Winer proposed an online revenue model for the New York Times. Our revenue model: We'll pay to see Winer and Carr fight. Or at least yell at one another.

Former New York Times writer Jennifer 8. Lee is definitely up to something, and this time it does not appear to involve Chinese food. Programming, maybe.

New York's Mark Graham wants answers, goddammit, not excuses about whatever obsolete ritualistic crypto-pagan holiday the coroner's office celebrates in the last two weeks of December.

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