There's a whole lot going on in Archer, but it's actually surprisingly simply to sum up. It's the lovechild of James Bond, Arrested Development, and Sealab 2021. In the words of Ina Garten: how bad can that be?

The show will never get huge ratings, but it will no doubt have a ravenous cult following. One reason being the show having near-perfect voice casting with Chris Parnell as Comptroller Cyrill Figgins, Aisha Tyler as Agent Lana Kane, Jessica Walters (Lucille Bluth) as Archer's alcoholic mother Malory, and H. Jon Benjamin (Coach from Adult Swim's Home Movies) as Archer.

Archer uses the spy agency Isis as a means to put their characters in very crude, sometimes racist, and always awkward situations. Take last night for example. In order to diversify the agency, they hire a black, Jewish secret agent named Conway Stern. Obviously, all the women in the office want to have sex with him, so Archer naturally thinks that Conway is boning his mother. In order to get to the bottom of the situation, Archer confronts Conway half-naked in the locker room. Gayness ensues.

And this is Conway having sex with Cheryl the secretary. What comes out of her mouth is so filthy it's hard to believe that this show is on basic cable.