No longer acting like a complete, bedraggled crazy person, Joaquin Phoenix is in a video for a suicide prevention charity. In it Miley Cyrus teaches him and Liv Tyler how to use Facebook. We liked him better mumbly and deranged.

Jamie Tworkowski, the founder of the charity To Write Love on Her Arms, explains that the strange title was inspired by a video that Phoenix directed for the band She Wants Revenge inspired his fund, which is trying to get a $1 million grant for suicide prevention. Then Miley shows up to show Phoenix how to use the internet and he pretends to not know who she or Lady Gaga are. We actually believe this is true and not an act. Then he has to show Liv Tyler how to log into Facebook and she says she doesn't have an account. We also believe this is true. Then they pretend they are friends with Miley. We believe this is false and the old Joaquin would bite of her pinky and smile at the camera with blood dripping down his chin. We miss the old Joaquin.