Today at Gawker.TV, everyone swoons over Justin Theroux on Parks & Rec, Stephen Colbert claims the Taliban's channeling Mad Men, 30 Rock makes veiled suggestions for NBC, The Office's clip show let-down, and Archer is brilliance in sexed-up cartoon form.

Did 30 Rock Unwittingly Make the Most Genius Suggestion to Solve the Late Night Debacle?
In the midst of 30 Rock's non-stop bashing of Boston, the crew revolted against Liz Lemon and NBC management's decision-making (ha!). So Liz, genius that she is, thinks of a solution that Jeff Zucker wishes he thought of first.

Has the Taliban Been Watching Mad Men?
According to the New York Times the Taliban has resorted to the kind of public image campaign that might might make them the new darlings of the Afghanistan political structure. Stephen fills us in, suggesting some ideas all his own.

Archer Is Raunchy, Unapologetic, Brilliant
There's a whole lot going on in Archer, but it's actually surprisingly simply to sum up. It's the lovechild of James Bond, Arrested Development, and Sealab 2021. In the words of Ina Garten: how bad can that be?

Justin Theroux on Parks and Recreation: Dreamboat or Douche?
After last week's dismal setup, Leslie Knope was due for real romance. Justin Theroux guested on Thursday's Parks and Recreation as Leslie's love interest, whose adventure-filled life and unintentional superiority starkly contrasts Pawnee's municipal sphere and its denizens' Indiana dreaming.

The Office's Clip Show Cop Out
The Office returned last night from holiday hiatus... or did it? It seems, ladies and gentlemen, in a world where the laugh track is treading water and variety hours have become a distant memory, the clip show will not die.