The cast of Jersey Shore came back for some real-talk after last night's finale. It's nice to see their metamorphosis from the larval stage of guido to the pupa stage of mildly famous guido.

The first thing we learned, other than Snooki's hair somehow got even taller, is that she and mike are still boning on the regs. That's really cute and really gross at the same time.

The second biggest bit of information is that Sammi is a hypocritical bitch. Sorry, but she is, and finally Ronnie calls her out for it. They showed clips of Sammi flirting with The Situation while she was with Ronnie on the show. When Ronnie confronts her she tries to say it ain't no thang. But this is coming from a girl who became furious and gave Ronnie the silent treatment because he said she had a large big toe. The more you learn about Sammi, the more apparent it is that she's a mean-spirited, selfish girl.

Here's Sammi overreacting like a child in anticipation of her about to get busted on live television.

And here's Ronnie calling her out. Even though it seems like they're breaking up, I guarantee they didn't. They're one of those couples. In any case, it's still nice to see someone finally call her out on her bullshit. Go Ronnie!