Lady Gaga's been performing at Manhattan's Radio City, and naturally, the "penis" must come up...literally, as evidenced by this French website, with funny French words about Lady Gaga, and pictures of a guy, naked, in traffic. What's it all mean?!?

A quick run through Google Translate, and we have this for you:

We knew that for some, attending the concert of their idol provokes reactions and attitudes often unpredictable, but at this point there! Indeed, Lady Gaga Tuesday gave a concert at Radio City Hall in New York, while the show was beating a somewhat noisy fan has been ejected from the room!

Never mind, he continued his own show, without lowering his trousers and underpants all exhibit himself to passing cars at that time!

Well, according to police, the man was under the influence of illegal substances, he finished the job!

I'm not sure what "job" they're talking about, if they are talking about a "job," but we can only assume they mean

(A) The job of pissing on something,
(B) The job of getting naked and pressing your peen on windows of cars, which must be a French thing?
Or (C) Doing an entire bag of blow at a Lady Gaga concert even after you get ejected, sometime before cops arrest you for putting your penis on the windows of cars.

Either way, one thing's for sure: this kind of mania isn't caused by cocaine alone. There are people who act crazy when they "see" or "talk to" divine entities, no? This man obviously got a flash of The Immaculate Penis, and it may have destroyed him forever. Warning, to all those who dare attempt finding it: never, ever look Gaga's peen in the, uh, eye. You may go completely insane like this dude.

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