The Way We Live Now: Singin' those class war blues. In this crazy world of haves and have-nots, could one man with a guitar change things with the power of a song? Fuck no. Come on. Great PR angle, though.

Dan Sheridan is just a humble folk singer up there in Aspen, Colorado, who listened to his heart and sung a little tune talkin' about how the city folks come on into a place like Aspen with their fancy cars and fancy furs and big money and change things for the worse—maybe those folks just don't quite understand the magic of the mountains, which you can't buy with a big old pile of money, hmm? So of course the evil corporation that controls the venue where Sheridan was playing fucking fired him, because, hey, these are paying fucking customers here, what are you, crazy? Take that hippie shit out to the woods and play around a hippie bonfire or whatever, hippie.

So the lesson is that money rules over all, even though Dan Sheridan got a "moral victory," which maybe he can trade for some marijuana. He can't afford to live in Aspen any more, but take heart, Dan: rich people can't afford things either. The Hamptons are being hit with so many foreclosures it makes The Hamptons look like...a far less wealthy area. The richest guys just about anywhere couldn't even afford to hang on to Stuy Town, which is not even that fancy. And bankers in Davos may be forced to endure some very harsh looks—metaphorically, of course, because the gates will be locked. But still.

So take heart, hippie communist folk singer Dan Sheridan. Not in the fact that music can change the world, because that is only true if you own at least two or three of the larger entertainment conglomerates. Instead, take heart in the fact that, yes, you are quite correct: Big money ruins everything. And that's gonna suck for the rich, if they ever leave their cocaine-and-expensive-hooker-strewn jacuzzis.