Tila Tequila lit after Heidi Montag for acting Tila Tequila-ish; Stephanie Clifford got a hatey voice mail; and Sharon Waxman's internets got clogged. The Twitterati had a grumpy Monday.

Stephanie Clifford, New York Times reporter, wanted to know precisely whose life she had touched, forever. Monday brings such delightful surprises.

Reality TV human Heidi Montag shamelessly seeks to monetize attention, said media zombie Tila Tequila, in the course of shamelessly seeking to monetize attention.

Former blogging kingpin Jason Calacanis weighs himself in public. This disclosure seems considerably less brave without height information.

Braying ex-New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman was led to believe this Web publishing thing was reasonably straightforward, but it would appear that's not the case at all. Cooperate with Sharon Waxman's limited technical skills, internet!

The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray published his passive-aggressive Kindle review on Twitter. Good look monetizing it there, Amazon.

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