Having an ex use private photos to get you back in the sack is the price of fame. So is ordering a restaurant's staff to do strange and embarrassing tasks. Fame sucks, but without it, who would we talk about?

1. "This C List Male Reality Star hooked up with a B list film actress. He bragged to our source that he took pictures of their night together on his cell phone. He didn't show them off, but hopes to hook up with her again. Right now she is not returning his calls so he is threatening to use the alleged pics as leverage. If she refuses to see him, then he'll release the pics. Oh, by the way, the actress is married. Not an MTV star." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This foreign born Golden Globe nominee/winner is a C+/B- list actress who primarily does movies but is better known for being on a show loved by critics but which could never find an audience. Anyway, our actress is not the best customer at restaurants. Over the Christmas holidays our actress was at a restaurant with a party of eight and decided to show the table what you could do if you were a star. She went to find her waitress and asked the waitress to find the biggest vegetable in the kitchen, bring it to the table and say, "Here you go ____, is this what you were talking about?" The waitress found a leek, brought it out to the table and said her lines. As she was leaving, our actress said, "You see? That's the kind of thing I can do because I'm _______." Throughout the night our actress made other staff do various tasks to laughter from the table. When they left, the table didn't even tip." [CDaN]

3. "All the talk this week will be about Goat and Pillow, but as they weren't married, this is just a breakup and division of assets, both live and inanimate.

Far more complex and interesting is the ongoing saga of Chip and Grin, who are now living completely apart with a new agreement signed and sealed. She has the kid/s full time, which was a major triumph for her. Where did she get so much leverage? She found out that her marriage isn't valid in the U.S. and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack." [BlindGossip]