Marco Rubio is going the be the Republican candidate for Senate in Florida this year. He is handily beating formerly popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist, because Crist is too moderate and too probably gay. This Rubio guy, though—he is basically the next Scott Brown! Except that once he destroys Crist in the primaries by running way to Charlie's right, it will be a lot harder for him to shift back to Florida's soft, mushy center. Especially when he is already coming out against taxing or regulating banks at all in any fashion. (We are so baffled by these Tea Party people! Aren't they anti-bailout? Anti-bailout and anti-preventing-future-bailouts?) Oh, right: he is beating Crist in the polls. They're both ahead of the Democrat, but the Democrat has not yet begun actually campaigning against this man who loves banks so much he wants to marry them.