The dictionary that was banned from a California school for having the definitions of sex words in it is back to corrupt our youth. Although parents will have the option of denying their kids access to this filthy smut.

The back story: last week some parents found that the dictionary their kids were looking at at Oak Meadows Elementary School in Menifee, California, contained definitions of oral sex. They wagged their fingers and were outraged and embarrassed, because oral sex is just not natural, and demanded that these 'dictionaries', if that is their real name, be removed immediately. And lo, they were.

And then the east coast liberal media elites paused from their own communist oral sex games to laugh at the dumb people who wanted to ban a dictionary for defining words, and now, according to the LA Times:

Students will take permission slips home and parents who don't want them to use Webster's 10th Collegiate Edition can opt for alternative dictionaries.