The 'Alternate Eden' theory proves true, and it's up to you to ensure the operation was successful. You and you alone are in charge of what happens in this story. You are the final variable.

Previously on LOST...

Tonight's Episode: East of Eden
You are a member of the Dharma Initiative, which as far as you know is a clever graphic design corporation dealing with experimental metabranding. Your work in the mailroom is simply playing middle man/virus debugger for a very high security e-mail system transmitting digital film stock between higher ups. You tend to follow the footage, the storyline can be hard to keep up with, but it's an ingenious way to advertise the Dharma name. How they'll wind up wrapping the footage into the corporate media zeitgeist has intrigued you since day one.


There are moments where the cleverness of your company excites you, but as time has moved forward your days have become more and more mundane. For the most part you have no daily contacts with any other staff, aside from a couple finance guys you make a point to lunch with. Today will no doubt be pretty boring...

Wait... what's this? Well this is a surprise, for the first time ever there is a message in your inbox addressed to you!


ATTENTION Dharma staff member:

It is of desperate importance that you read this immediately and do not doubt the validity of a single typed word. You are unwittingly involved in a project known to the elite of Hanso Foundation as "Alternate Eden." We have cloaked the project as a cinematography training school in order for there to be lower security employees such as yourself serving a pragmatic purpose, this purpose now coming to a head for you. You've been recognized by our databases as having the highest rate of ESP ability within the Dharma/Hanso community, an ability most likely you are completely unaware of. You have the highest rate of success in answering the hatch computer-bank's randomized line of questioning. You've seen our supervised transmissions sent across this network... to you what looked like some sort of film project was actually an evolved surveillance system built into what was once mankind's only earthly habitation. You must alleviate all of the remaining factors of original carnal sin in each of the Jacobian Executable file sprites. In layman's terms, the civilians you've perceived as stranded on an unknown island are part of a program designed to enforce human ethics on a global scale using a highly classified collection of tests. These tests have been completed, yet unpredictable problems in Dharma's "Alternate Eden" programming code need to be rapidly altered. It's true that your only clue is an intrinsic decision of faith, but your faith is one admirably in sync with metaphysical truth. Please follow the instructions in each of the attached dossiers when instructed. This being said, all of us here at Dharma HQ wish you more luck than you could possibly understand.

Alvar Hanso

So this is it. It seems you are more important to the company than you could have imagined. You look at the attached files in this baffling piece of correspondence...

Then again, what's the point? This is some kind of joke. It's a stupid waste of time, why worry about this when you could be...