Someone has dumped thousands of crazy anti-Obama fliers all over 68th and Broadway on the Upper West Side of New York. They are very, very crazy fliers, and there are a lot of them.

A tipster who works nearby looked out her office window this afternoon to see "the sky was covered in falling paper." She went downstairs to see what the commotion was, and found thousands of fliers filled with nutty, occasionally handwritten Teabagger rantings against Barack Obama and the "LIBERALS, COMMIES, SATANS, AND PAGANS" he hangs out with. She snapped the above photo after most of the paper had already hit the ground—it doesn't do justice, she says, to the total volume that was flying around her building, which she estimates at maybe 2,000. It's unclear whether they were dropped from the air, from a nearby building, or were just dumped on the ground and got blown up in the wind. "It looked like they were coming from higher than any building around," she says. "Maybe they got blown up in a draft but either way it looked pretty crazy."

The only clue to who might be responsible—Andrew, are you in town?—is a lengthy, Lost-like string of numbers at the end of a poem entitled "FUCK YOU OBAMA!": 282798993563584937559522873265593924. Any crazy people out there know what it means?

We called the NYPD, but they said they haven't heard anything about it. Here are two fliers our tipster grabbed—the aforementioned poem and a handwritten "satirical" State of the Union address: