Well, well, well. How does Rupert Murdoch feel about his precious newspaper war now? (Just fine). Rupert was so hot to build a New York edition of the WSJ to crush the rival New York Times once and for all, but apparently there is one small issue: he needs to borrow the NYT's printing press to make this whole thing work.

News Corp is doing some work on its printing plant in the Bronx, and if they want to get this plant up and running in time for the Times-killing WSJ to debut in April as scheduled, they'll need to find somewhere to print the New York Post for a couple of months, and lord knows the Daily News won't let the NYP use its presses, so here we are: Hey, NYT, could we possibly use your printing presses for a couple of months so that our silver bullet aimed directly at your heart is not delayed?

Industry executives said that at typical printing rates, the work would yield The Times no more than $200,000. But people briefed on the discussions said the price was likely to be significantly higher.

So...$300K. That's more money than the NYT has seen in years! Right this way, Mr. Murdoch!