Is nothing in this world sacred anymore?! General Larry Platt (if that's his real name) claimed he wrote "Pants on the Ground" on American Idol. Turns out he wrote NOTHING. He just stole the song and slightly changed the lyrics.

"Back Pockets on the Floor" by The Green Brothers?!?! This is an absolute outrage. Why didn't Obama address this during last night's State of the Union? If we can't believe Generals who only say that they're Generals but really aren't, who can we even believe anymore? Is Larry Platt even 62-years-old? Is he even human? Or is he a 23-year-old robot sent back in time as a 62-year-old fake General to audition on American Idol with a song it claims to have made up so it can win the hearts and minds of America only to kill John Connor in a Simon Cowell suit? He's either one or the other. Pick your side now.