CBS is waiting to come to a decision about whether or not to air a graphic ad for gay dating site Mancrunch. After allowing Tim Tebow's spot dissing abortion how can they say no?

In an obvious publicity ploy, gay dating site Mancrunch asked CBS to review their commercial to air during the Super Bowl, even though all ad spots are sold. The ad apparently features two guys watching a football game when their hands touch and they start making out. Aw, gay love. This thing will make America's collective mind explode! But if we have to listen to Tim Motherfucking Tebow tell women what to do with their bodies, then all the conservatives out there should get a little glimpse into Sodom and Gomorrah. It's just fair. CBS says, "The ad is still under review, the process takes a little while. We still have a lot of ads we have yet to review." Mancrunch says they're trying to stall to not piss off gay people. They're probably right. Manhunt is kicking themselves for not thinking of this ploy first.