In your shiny Thursday media column: internecine squabbling at the Washington Post (is fun), new hires at the WSJ, The University of Florida is a Mac, and the government has always run the media.

A Washington Post metro reporter wrote a blog post yesterday criticizing his own paper's editorial board, which pissed them off so much they deleted it. Then it went back up, in an edited form. Now all the WaPo editorial board people are still pissed off about it. Hey, WaPo editorial board: stop being such pussies. Also, you suck. Heh. (See, it doesn't kill you!)

We hear the WSJ has hired Erica Orden and Kate Taylor as arts and culture writers for the paper's new NYC edition. Both have written for New York magazine and the NY Sun, making them another part of the Sun's ongoing resurrection inside the WSJ building. [Oh, update: This was actually in John Koblin's NYO story yesterday. Merp.]

The University of Florida is now requiring students to buy only Apple brand computers for their work. Why does Tim Tebow hate John Hodgman?

What, you think government subsidies for the media are some sort of new idea?!? (Just go with it). Well they're not, and here is a big old study to prove that they're not. You and your foolish, foolish ideas. When will you grow up?