Do you love Jesus? Well, the Gawker live bloggers don't. Oh, not Tim Tebow's lord and savior, the designer on this season of Project Runway. Look at all the funny (and mean) things they said about him last week!

Here's a selection of our favorite comments from the Project Runway commenter live blog hosted on Gawker last week. Join us here for the next one tonight—the post goes up at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts at 10.

  • summeroflove: Burlap, because potato sacks will become the must-have fashion trend in this economy.
  • naugahydeinplainsight: That'll be 98 pounds of model in a 125 lb bag.
  • dippitydoo: Poor Tim standing out there in pig shit. So not his scene.
  • Lizawithazee: I can't help but think of poor Dorothy when she fell into the pigsty and almost got et.
  • missing_piece: I think I'm going to call Ping "Plinko", because you never know where the fuck she's going to go.
  • mallorykeaton: Mila = "Petty Page"
  • CogInSystem: 40 year-olds shouldn't be allowed to say "Diss"
  • Old Ocho: @CogInSystem: Unless they're from Europe and they're saying "Diss is not appropriate."
  • mallorykeaton: Tim does not believe in Jesus.
  • michelegilliam01: Heidi's pregnant! DRINK!!!
  • Old Ocho: Ping attempts to cover her ass, because she didn't cover her model's. Boo-yah!
  • summeroflove: Asymmetrical ass – is there a cream for that?
  • Lizawithazee: @summeroflove: If there is, it will be advertised here on Lifetime.
  • katekate is squared: Pamela's dress looks like a trashy 15-year-old's pregnancy pact outfit.
  • HercuLinds: Ping vs. Jesus. Quien es mas malo!!
  • CogInSystem: @HercuLinds: Me gusta Sra. Plinko, pero quiero chingar Jesus. Que voy hacer???
  • katekate is squared: "Jay, you're the winner! Your look will be featured in the figure skating competition in next month's winter Olympics."
  • Old Ocho: Jesus should thank himself.