Every day you Facetwitter comments on our blog page! All day! Some of them are bad, some of them are good, and others are Best. So let's look now at today's two best completely-arbitrarily-picked comments. One's about cleaning! Sort of.

Holy Jesus do you guys like to talk about taking shoes off at a party. In Brian "Pageviews" Moylan's post about hating the mandatory removal of shoes, lots of you disagreed with him. MediaHoHoHo was one of the dissenters, and he eloquently (and grotesquely) explained why:

Hi Brian. Welcome to New York, the city you just walked through to get to my house. On the way, your feet trod over, and picked up, in no particular order, every species of feces, from rat shit to dog poop to horse dung to bum spoor, saliva from no less than 237,000 tubercular assholes who believe it is unhealthy to swallow their own goddamn spit, jism from people who like to fuck whores in their cars and then discard their used condoms on the sidewalk, rotted fast food, urine, industrial solvents, leakage from garbage bags, thousands of strains of e. coli, well, you get the drift. Now take off your shoes and shut the fuck up.

Strong words on a strong subject.

Next we have an old-school ha-ha from MattGaymon, who made Gaynadian jokes in a very important post about Gaynadians:

New York? More like Sass-katoon! More like Man-couver! More like Niagara Balls!

Now That's What I Call Commenting!