Jay Leno is known for being middle-of-the-road. But compared to Scott Brown, Leno is a gay hippie communist smoking hash out in weirdo Los Angeles. Brown was on Leno tonight, and he set a new standard for normality.

Scott Brown didn't win his campaign against Martha Coakley because he was normal. He won because he ran a great campaign while Coakley and the Dems were all like, "Dude posed naked in Cosmo. no way is he going to win this." But Brown's everyman broheim demeanor and upbringing were a big part of this campaign, and it's a big part of why he's being positioned as "the next Sarah Palin" even while Sarah Palin still exists as, uh, the first Sarah Palin. Brown's appearance on The Jay Leno Show was precisely calibrated to reinforce this image, as topics discussed ranged from trucks to sports to dogs to sports to... sports. See for yourself.

Having family friends is an extremely normal thing. Senator Elect Scott Brown is so normal that it seems he is family friends with everyone in America—even talk show hosts. Jay Leno is from Massachusetts, and it turns out that Leno's family and Brown's family go way back. Scott Brown is so normal, in fact, that Leno's parents named their collie "Bruce," after Brown's dad.

Scott Brown is so normal that even his deviant behavior reinforces his normality. When he was 12 he stole records by stuffing them in his "farm pants". (Scott Brown is so normal he had "farm pants.") Then the judge taught him a powerful life lesson. Scott Brown is so normal that a single brush with the law turned him from aspiring delinquent to future U.S. senator.

Certain films are normal if watched by their target demographic. Scott Brown has extremely normal tastes in film for his particular demographic: Rambo and Rocky franchises are his favorite films. We just hope Scott Brown actually is that normal, because we wouldn't wish the horror of publicly declaring these movies to be your favorites when they're actually not on anyone.

Trucks are normal. Scott Brown is so normal that his truck has over 200,000 miles on it from driving it around doing normal things. He's so normal that he has little die-cast replicas of said truck, and the packaging on the truck says "driving the establishment crazy." Normal people drive the establishment crazy.

Sports are normal. Scott Brown is so normal that when Jay Leno asked him to name the five Red Sox starting pitchers he looked annoyed and said that it's "up in the air," implying that Jay Leno did not know as much about sports as he did. But Scott Brown went ahead and named five anyway:

Nicknames are normal, too. (As long as they're not related to some sort of weird sex role-playing.) Scott Brown is so normal that he had a sports-derived nickname as a kid: "Downtown Scotty Brown".

Sorry guys, truck-driving, basketball-playing, record-filching Scott Brown is the new normal. Which means derailing health care reform is the new American pastime