The Real Housewives of Orange County are all eccentric in their own right—remember Vicki and the family fan freakout?—but on tonight's episode, Lynne's brand of crazy emerged victorious. Dumb, drunk and deranged, all in one episode—cuff, yeah!

Dumb: As anyone who watches the show knows, the relationship between Lynne and her youngest daughter, Alexa, has been strained as of late. Their feud came to a head tonight as they fought openly in a shopping mall, and—somehow—Alexa came off as the smarter of the two. Also: do NOT mess with Lynne's cuffs. Seriously.

Drunk: When Alexis (not to be confused with Alexa) invited the girls over for a do-it-yourself (but with the help of two professional chefs) dinner party, everyone had a glass of Champagne. Except for Lynne, who had a bottle, or four.

Deranged: You know how there's always that girl at the party who drinks a bit too much, is happy as a clam, and then suddenly goes crazy? Tonight, after having her parenting criticized by Gretchen, Lynne was that girl. Her daughter's problems aren't her fault, though—they're Orange County's fault! Buh?

Oh, Lynne. We'd tell you to change, but then you wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

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