After a few days' of flusterment, conservatives have finally settled on a suitable justification for the teabuggers — they're just crazy kids, horsing around, and we shouldn't take their antics seriously.

Lawyers for the four 'kids', all in their mid-twenties, argue they were just trying to make a video of constituents' calls going unanswered at Senator Mary Landrieu's office, according to the AP. J. Garrison Jordan, the attorney for one of the madcap pranksters added, "You're dealing with kids, I don't think they thought it through that far."

"Their uniforms were outlandish," said noted humorist Andrew Breitbart "This was like 'Hee Haw,' a blatant clown-nose-on spectacle to make a salient political yet mildly humorous point." To be fair, if these kids are liberal satirists they are brilliant.

Landrieu, that killjoy, does not see the joke. She responded: "Attorneys are hired to spin for their clients. Good luck."