Here's something unusual: SNL is actually funny tonight! And with Jon Hamm as host, of course there had to be something about newly-elected senator Scott Brown. According to (Kristen Wiig as) Nancy Pelosi, "Mama like!" Do you? Update: Brown responds.

Here's the setup: democratic leaders—Nancy Pelosi, Robert Byrd, Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank—are meeting with Harry Reid in his office to discuss how they can get their party back on track following recent setbacks. That's when Brown comes in by accident, saying that he was looking for another room. After he leaves, though, his presence lives on in the fantasies of those who remain—one by one.

Rachel Sklar thinks the sketch was the definition of sexxxy. What about you?

Update, 2:25 AM ET: Apparently, Brown doesn't like to waste time—he's already issued a response to the sketch to the National Review Online. Here's what Brown had to say.

Brown smiled as he watched it. "Thank goodness I like a good laugh," he tells National Review Online. "That was pretty funny. I wish I could host SNL some day. I've been watching it since I was young. Jon Hamm is great." But what about Hamm's Boston accent? "He did a great job," says Brown. "He doesn't really sound like me, but it was very funny."

Also, if you want to get your Snooki fix, head to Mediaite and check out video of Bobby Moynihan's reprisal of his impersonation of the Princess of Poughkeepsie, which aired during tonight's Weekend Update segment.