He says he's happy, but Andrew Breitbart sure sounds really mad, still! "These are the last days of disco, baby," Andrew shouted in a room somewhere this weekend to a camera. "These decadent bastards are going down." Decadent?

Andrew is the one name-checking Whit Stillman movies and championing drug-addled Hollywood agents and becoming enraged when his fancy schamancy dinners are interrupted by people raising awareness of child soldiers in Uganda! (Furthermore, he is the one bankrolling something like three hundred new websites this year. That is totally decadent, to launch useless new blogs.)

Anyway we applaud the principled conservative scholar's sudden full-throated defense of the rights of the accused, but we have a feeling he won't be extending it to anyone not currently in his employ any time soon. (Unless someone arrests Drudge, maybe.)

(Andrew also Tweeted that he is sooo over Gawker, now. You know, we're "ideological, predictable & tired." Unlike, say, this column from Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher! We hope you run something by Ashley Todd next, Andrew! Maybe she can write a Big Hollywood post on how Avatar was liberal and therefore not at all as awesome as everyone thinks, because of hippies. Or, fuck it, just post more clips from that Gutfield show that is apparently still on Fox at 3 a.m. every night.)