One time at the end of every work day (well, not the end for you nighttime suckerz — eat it, Ravi, Adrian, and Maureen!) we honor a coupla comments that made us chuckle or weep or chuckleweep. Today they are:

The mighty Baroness, who got eloquently rageful about Focus on the Family:

Focus on the Family. That is a command. And also a viciously antigay, antifeminist pigs' trough where wingnut welfare pundits feed at, and don't have to get real jobs!

It's actually insane how many of these "think tanks" exist so people like Jonah Goldberg never have to change out of their soiled pyjamas.

Competition! Free markets! Bootstraps! Lazy Haitians! (Brooks at his best). They themselves are massively funded layabouts, ALL of these rightwing pundits are on the take. It's actually breathtaking, this massive edifice of right-wing money pushing horrible, anti-human ideas, utterly corrosive to liberal democracy.

War, torture, surveillance, fear, punishing the poor, keeping the rest of the populace in line, keeping them stupid and fearful for their lives, their jobs, their health. On and on, it is a staggering propaganda machine that promotes the most vicious, divisive negative, greedy impulses of human nature, mestastasized into dominating our media landscape. It is seriously pernicious, and the latest SCOTUS decision allowing unlimited corporate political speech will make the current polluted environment of ideas look like nothing. Idiocracy, here we come.

And the other one is from OldTowneTavern who got a little anger on when looking at shiny white Hollywood:

It's possible Vanity Fair is making a commentary about the retrograde all white future of Hollywood by shooting this as if it took place at a picnic in 1963.

On the other hand, it is Vanity Fair. And Annie Liebovitz does likes her darker skinned subjects to look graphic or hostile. Maybe Zoe didn't want to put on Kabuki makeup while glaring at the white girls.

Everyone's mad! Because it's Monday, probably. Which also must mean that everyone wants lasagna. And hates Jon. Nobody likes Jon.

Goodbye, until tomorrow.