How I Met Your Mother focused around Barney's Perfect Week: going home with a girl seven nights in a row. Sportscaster Jim Nantz helped narrate the story, while Yankee Nick Swisher stands in Barney's way of clinching his number seven.

Jim Nantz interviews Barney (in his own mind) in the clip below, which talks about the history of the Perfect Week and provides examples of previous errors in play.

The episode continues to show all the women Barney took to bed that week until it comes down to day number seven. Barney's game was going well with a hot blonde that was three martini's deep until Nick Swisher walked in.

Despite being jinxed (twice!) by his friends and competing with a professional baseball player, Barney wins his Perfect Week after all, and we — the viewers — get one of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother all season. It is truly a win/win.