Today at Gawker.TV, Fox anchors play with a Scott Brown doll, Conan O'Brien's NBC opinions circa 2006, Today airs a live C-section, Jon Stewart calls out Fox News, and Jim Nantz & Nick Swisher help Barney achieve a "Perfect Week."

Fox & Friends Hosts Play with Scott Brown
The doll, that is! Yes, the Scott Brown Action Figure exists and comes in three varieties: the Executive, the Presidential, and the Cosmopolitan. It sure seems to make Gretchen a little uncomfortable.

Barney Achieves 'The Perfect Week' with Help from Jim Nantz and Yankee Nick Swisher
How I Met Your Mother focused around Barney's Perfect Week: going home with a girl seven nights in a row. Sportscaster Jim Nantz helped narrate the story, while Yankee Nick Swisher stands in Barney's way of clinching his number seven.

Jon Stewart Piles It On Fox News for Obama Cutaway
Depending on your views, last Friday, President Obama hectored the House Republicans or calmly (smugly?) explained to them that everybody needs to grow up and act their age, not their shoe size, if they wanted to actually get anything done.

Conan Explains Why He Didn't Leave NBC in 2004 on Charlie Rose
And the old clips portending doom continue to emerge. Conan sits down with Charlie Rose and some water in 2006 to discuss the arc of his career thus far. Turns out Conan wanted his legacy to be with NBC...badly.

The Today Show Gives its Viewers What They Want at 8 AM: A Live Cesarian Birth
Wake up, make some coffee, turn on the TV to start your day, and what are you greeted with? A mother's abdominal wound being sliced open while amniotic fluid is being sucked out of her stomach. Enjoy your Cheerios!