Readers, our nation's girls are in trouble. They are fighting each other and uploading videos of these fights to YouTube. Now is the time to come together as Americans and stop this... OMG: GIRL FIGHT! THOSE CHICKS ARE TOTALLY FIGHTING!

CBS 2 has done a hilarious throwback to a time when people were worried about the effect of "The Internet" on our children and the number of search engine results you got when typing in a phrase was proof of a trend. (Drudge: "Teen-On-Teen Girl Fight Videos Sweeping Internet... More than 267,000 found on YOUTUBE alone!") They have discovered that girls are having fights... and "some experts believe the trend is partly fueled by the Internet"!

Two teenage girls went at it. Two adults allegedly watched and another minor videotaped the whole thing in Louisiana. The fight popped up on YouTube more than a week ago. Days later, in Lowell, Mass., local authorities discovered similar videos online and said local educators report about 80 percent of school fights are now girl against girl.

GIRL FIGHT! Somebody in Lowell, Mass. was seriously like: "I wonder how many of our fights are girl fights?" On YouTube, hundreds of thousands of fights are girl fights, if the number of results returned when you type in "girl fight" is to believed. (Which it is not.)

We plugged in "girl fight" on YouTube and 267,000 videos popped up. Under them you'll find pages of comments from viewers all over the world.

Comments from viewers all over the world!? These Girl Fight aren't just being uploaded to the Internet... they're being uploaded to the part of the Internet where everyone in the world can see them. Luckily, Dr. Jennifer Harstein—who has a PhD. in The Internet—offers this valuable advice:

Know what your kids are looking at, and really open the dialogue to discuss what it is, why it is, how they feel about it. Do they think it's okay? Ask a lot of questions, really probing instead of being punitive and saying 'You better not do this ever.'

Or else you might end up on a hugely popular MTV reality show.