Some guy has created a website all about how his wife blubbers like a crazy person at the end of pretty much all the movies. He films her sobbing after watching tear-jerkers like Back to the Future III and 2012.

The whole thing is supposed to be adorable, and it is, sorta. In the same kind of funny/sad way that this video was cute but also quietly unsettling. Though the husband assures us in the site's FAQs section that his wife is perfectly mentally fit and doesn't bawl uncontrollably at everything in life, just silly movies, we just don't know, man. This lady is a liiiittle wacky. What happens when she watches, like, Night and Fog? Does her face just fall off? Another scary fact: Apparently she "used to cry at the end of The Little Mermaid when she was 4." So this person is 25-years-old, tops. Unless the guy's talking about the weird Richard Chamberlain version where she turns to sea foam at the end. Is that the one? We doubt that's the one. Point being: What happens when she has kids? This, we guess.

[via Cinematical]