Today at Gawker.TV, Channing Tatum explains how he burned his penis, Gordon Ramsay fights with his contestants, Marky Mark's ab workout, Bruce Jenner has a laugh at Fox News' fact-checking, and Jon Stewart re-imagines a Jewish Scooby Doo.

Channing Tatum Explains the Injury to His "Danger Zone"
Channing Tatum finally explained his mysterious penis injury on Regis and Kelly this morning. He accidentally had boiling water poured down his wet suit on-set, resulting in scalding all "all the way down" and "very little skin in places."

Gordon Ramsay Fights a Wretch of a Woman on Kitchen Nightmares
When someone thinks of New Jersey, upscale tiki restaurant shouldn't spring to mind. And when a narrow-minded witch of an owner abuses her staff and serves filet mignon on roof tiles, it's time for Gordon Ramsay to step in.

Story Hole: The Daily Show's "Jewby Doo"
Jon and Dr. Bagelman, the Hasidic-bagel-puppet, met up in the bathroom at the "Story Hole." They watched some disturbing children's cartoons produced by Hamas. Dr. Bagelman counters these anti-Semitic cartoons with his own retelling of a classic cartoon: "Jewby Doo."

Bruce Jenner Calls Out Fox News on Their Absence of Facts
When Fox and Friends welcomed Jim Belushi and Bruce Jenner onto today's program, they opened the bit with a faux-six degrees of separation chart that may have stretched a few facts. Jenner notices, stating "that's just how news works here."

The Marky Mark Workout: Remembrance of Abs Past
Mark Wahlberg wants you to forget his rapping underwear salesman days, but this workout video denies that possibility. Try as he might, the public can never forget that beautiful Bostonian, his life of Good Vibrations and "fly honeys". Pow!