Tyra's booking agents have outdone themselves. Today's show was about physical anomalies, and Tyra somehow got not one, not two, but a panel of women to come on her show with two vaginas. Tyra, go do your thing.

Not only did one of the women have one vagina, but she had multiple uteri (utworus?). But it doesn't stop there, because she got pregnant in both of them! The doctors were so dumbfounded by this, instead of helping her they just told her to run to Guinness World Records, and quick! Tyra solemnly agrees.

Tyra goes on to ask one of the double vagina'd woman's boyfriend to give some descriptions on what it's like to have sex with a woman with two vaginas. He said it's fantastic, except for that one time his penis got stuck between them. I would say ouch, but I have no fucking clue what that would feel like.