Why subject mankind's senses to an entire hour of commercials only to be interrupted by fat Luke Wilson? Expensive ads are an important part of the Superbowl experience, but last night's travesty was the worst spin-off since Joanie Loves Chachi.

What could save this show next year? Here are a few suggestions:

Superman and Seinfeld:
The Seinfeld meta-reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm was a success. Jerry has his new Marriage Ref hitting the airwaves, the man is obsessed with Superman. You can't get Jerry and Supes as voiced by Patrick "Putty" Warburten to show up? I think we could enjoy an hour special elongating a single commercial. I've heard if you utter the word Superman to Seinfeld, the man will work for free.

Lovitz and Carvey
It's more than just another win for American Express. These two SNL alums are still around. Their commercial was funny, and if someone had simply hired these guys to host this special somebody might have been able stomach more than 8 minutes of it.

Mean Joe Green
Where is the Mean Joe fanboy now? Even if CBS had ripped off an E! Where Are They Now special it would have been a more entertaining show. Honestly a full hour long documentary on the Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog would have worked better than what we were subjected to last night.