Comments! Some people leave 'em, some people read 'em, and nobody cares about 'em. Except us. We care so deeply that once a day we stop and admire a particular few. Today: Cock & Balls. Plus: Other things.

Commenter eleventymillion gave us a little lesson in male model behavior:

I've had several male model roommates. They use this to get out of everything; rent, washing dishes, overdue blockbuster fees, tipping delivery guys, child support, confession...

That's it, we're getting a job as a delivery boy.

Old friend PrivateHangnail made a funny about the terribly unfunny Yale penury:

Cutbacks also include urging students to turn the lights off when they leave the university.

Also, stop producing admissions musicals.

Finally a commenter called UweBollocks brought the yuks when discussing literary nicknames:

I once saw an article that called Stephanie Meyers "acclaimed writer". Surely that had to be a nickname of some sorts.


We'd also like to address a mystery about yesterday's mysterious dangling Here's. We'd meant to post some fun song or something but then sorta gave up and went home but forgot to delete the Here's. So there's the fascinating answer to that compelling mystery. That's how Lost is going to end. "Oh, yeah, we were gonna do this other thing but then it was like already past six, so... Ah well."