Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon Frank Ryan gave an interview to Good Day LA. He says that Heidi, "like many other young men and women today, just wanted to improve her appearance." So that's why he turned her into an alien.

I hate when people defend getting plastic surgery by saying that something had "bothered" them since they were "a child." You know what circumstances this excuse is acceptable under? A cleft palate, a club foot, or maybe a growth, on your face. Or boobs so huge that they hurt your back. But apparently Heidi just couldn't deal with her MASSIVE CHIN and her ears, which supposedly stuck out. "This is something that children usually do when they're six years old," Dr. Ryan says. Well, maybe Heidi never had it done because her ears don't stick out. (Go ahead, get plastic surgery and Botox and whatever! I don't really care. Just don't try to elicit our sympathy because your slightly crooked nose was traumatic for you in second grade.)

Dr. Ryan also claims he was blindsided by the People magazine story. He thought he was getting a sidebar! He didn't get a sidebar! Waaah waaah. Guess you're going to have to find some other way to use mentally unstable Hollywood starlets for fame and fortune.