Stars... they're Just Like Us! If we're hoarders, that is. On tonight's Insider, Niecy Nash visited Lindsay Lohan's home and exposed the troubled starlet as a scatterbrained keeper of pile upon pile of clothing, shoes and general junk. Video, inside.

"I have a lot of clothing... and that's the biggest problem, I have a lot of stuff," Lohan admitted at the beginning of the segment. Girlfriend was NOT lying. "It wasn't this bad for a while," she said, before claiming that her "photographic memory" helps her remember everything contained in the cluttered rooms—until Nash asked her to identify the contents of a moving box, to which Lohan replied, "I haven't looked in that one, actually."

Later, cameras followed Lohan around the rest of her house and exposed her accumulations as much more than some shoe boxes and clothing racks, with random junk scattered everywhere—even odd, spray-painted canvases on her balcony.

The next stop for Lohan should be A&E, no doubt. It's not like she has anything better to do, anyway.

Betty White was also on The Insider tonight as a guest panelist, and—obviously—it was amazing. For a video of all of White's best moments from the episode, [CLICK HERE].

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