Two female bloggers were browsing ChatRoulette, an anonymous videochat site, and who should show up but the men of Jersey Shore: "lol were the cast of that shit. google search us." UPDATE: A cruel fake!

Update: It was footage from a preexisting Jersey Shore webcam incident. And with that, the beautiful dream that you could stumble across somebody famous on ChatRoulette disappeared.

To understand what on earth was going on here, I visited and found myself staring suddenly into a random person's bedroom, via webcam. You can communicate, or you can click "Next" to get another rando. In the course of 10 seconds, I clicked through three erect penises, a party of dude bros drinking beer, one girl rubbing her boobs, a clip from an action movie, and a bunch of awkward boys peering hopefully into their computers. Ergo: Totally appropriate that Jersey Shore struts and puffs feathers there. NYULocal's Nicole He and buddy Katherine Pan explain the chat's sad ending:

Nicole: @Mike — no, I actually accidentally nexted them :(. They were too busy dancing and flexing (I'm serious). At some point DJ Pauly D lifted up his shirt and we were blinded by the orangeness.

Katherine: Nicole was too excited to google search them and stopped our video feed. Slightly more devastating than me accidentally nexting the luxembourg boy who looked like james franco.

At first I thought Pauly D was showing his penis in the above picture, but upon further inspection, he is pointing to a star-shaped belt buckle. ChatRoulette users, consider yourselves warned, and get them to do something funny if you see them again. [NYULocal]