America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC is you're not lame) held it's Northeast regionals last night. And it was the danciest, crewiest, northeastiest hour of television evarrrr. But is it possible a gaggle of Canadians can win an American dance competition?

Let's hope not! But it may happen, because those wacky Canadians could "crunk" and "pop-and-lock" better than any "b-boys" from "Hotlanta" (I'm new to this, bear with me). Who knew that people from Montreal could dance like this? Not me! I just figured it was a 24 hour poutine and hockey orgy up there.

But while those Canadiens were impressive, America totally redeemed itself (duh) with a bunch of white kids jumping rope. Seriously! Shit was tight.

Is being Canadien and jumping rope the new being from L.A. and break-dancing? Absolutely not! But every little bit helps.