Whoooooooosh! That was the snowstorm coming in, but also the sound of comments, so many comments, falling like hail onto our blog servers. It's been a good week for comments, so let's take a look back.

Glanton said a funny thing about Meg Whitman's song:

Ahahaha, fucking Griff Harsh? Really? Is this guy a villain in a snowboarding movie?

Baroness got fired up about Fuck-us on the Family:

...War, torture, surveillance, fear, punishing the poor, keeping the rest of the populace in line, keeping them stupid and fearful for their lives, their jobs, their health. On and on, it is a staggering propaganda machine that promotes the most vicious, divisive negative, greedy impulses of human nature, mestastasized into dominating our media landscape. It is seriously pernicious, and the latest SCOTUS decision allowing unlimited corporate political speech will make the current polluted environment of ideas look like nothing. Idiocracy, here we come.

PrivateHangnail said a silly funny thing about stupid broke Yale:

Cutbacks also include urging students to turn the lights off when they leave the university.

And today there was a funny little exchange in relation to the Impending Snowpocalypse threatening our seat of government:

Goodbye forever, Washington DC! Hello forever, French toast!

Have a great weekend everyone.