While you were busy consuming your weight in nachos, we were busy rounding up the most memorable commercials of the night, for better or worse. And you know what we noticed? We'd seen all of them before.

You would think that in the age of Lady Gaga that everyone including ad men on Madison Avenue would feel some kind of pressure to push the envelope creatively. Instead, what we got were the commercial equivalent to your mom's leftover lasagna. You may think it tastes better cold the next day, but really that's just something people say to justify the fact that they're too lazy to heat the damn thing up! That being said, here's a look at the cold leftover pasta that is this year's Super Bowl commercial lineup.

"Wassupp?!?!" 2: Electric Bugaloo

What could be better than four black guys yelling a silly single-word catchphrase to each other over the phone? How about four white guys using auto-tune over the phone and T-Pain makes an appearance!?

The Boost Mobile Shuffle or The Day The Fridge Stopped Running

Back in 1985, the Chicago Bears introduced the world to a little dance called the Super Bowl Shuffle. And until Shaquille O'Neal released his rap record in the early 90's, no single collaboration between the worlds of music and sport was so inspired. And then along came Boost Mobile, the newest members of the "If it ain't broke, then break it" Club.

When In Doubt, Try and Cash-In On Lost

Yes, Lost is entering it's final season and that is, like, huge! So why wouldn't you want to try to tie your crappy light beer in with one of the most awesome shows ever in everdom? We'll give it to you, Bud Light. The logic makes sense. We just wish you had thought to parody season one of Lost, you know, when season one was on the air.

Though we have to admit we kind of geeked out when Dr. Marvin Candle made a cameo in one of the other eleven-ty Bud Light commercials that aired tonight.

The Empire Strikes Back: Return of the White Guy

McDonalds, why? You invented the dollar menu! You convinced America that a sausage and egg sandwich anchored by two flapjacks instead of bread was an appropriate breakfast food! So why did you have to go and ruin a classic ad campaign that featured two of the greatest basketball players the sport ever saw with this:

Awkward Super Bowl Parties: Oprah's Favorite Thing

First off, no Super Bowl commercial roundup would be complete without at least mentioning Oprah's Late Night Super Bowl Party. Jay Leno was there! So was Dave Letterman! And Dave's Sourpuss face! Gee, you'd think the two of them were in a huge fight or something...

...Or maybe Dave just prefers Oprah all to himself.

Betty White Redemption

But, thankfully, there was one bright spot. Her name, Betty White. And though her Super Bowl commercial this year probably won't garner as much press as the famed Leno-Letterman peace accord or Focus on the Family's ad featuring America's biggest mama's boy Tim Tebow, it still stands out as one of the best of the night.

And because we can't get enough of Betty and her whites, enjoy!