If you don't know who Stephin Merritt is, please get acquainted. This documentary follows Merritt, one of the most brilliant songwriters of the past generation, and looks at a side of him his fans have never seen before.

Merritt, known mostly for his work with The Magnetic Fields, has also written a Chinese Opera, created multiple concept albums, and worked in side projects like The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, and The Gothic Archies. He is known in Indie music circles as one of the most prolific, consistent, and poetic songwriters in recent memory. And this documentary looks to capture everything that goes into how he creates his music.

In the trailer, they show Peter Gabriel and Sarah Silverman, whose enthusiasm for Merritt, love for his music, and intrigue about his mystique seems truly genuine.

It's hard not to be excited if you're a fan of his music. As one co-worker in the office said when I showed this to them:

"OMG THAT'S AMAZING. I think i just peed my pants."

Pants-peeing enthusiasm!