A North Carolina judge ordered Andrew Young, the former Edwards aide that wrote about the tape the Senator made with Rielle Hunter, to turn the tape over. He has to do it with a platoon of storm troopers too.

The judge ruled today that Andrews should go with a police-appointed private security guard to his safe deposit box and hand the tapes over to the guard. The rent-a-cops will also collect and erase images from the tape off Andrews lap top, get the log book from the safe deposit box, and take "other items" from their home. They will also probably leave muddy tracks all over their nice clean carpets. Jerks. Young is being sued by Hunter, Edwards' mistress and baby momma, for invasion of privacy and return of the tape. A judge originally gave Young until Wednesday to turn it over or else face jail for contempt of court, but now his personal army has been invited to the party as well. This better be one damn good tape!