I guess several yoga mats could be combined into some sort of...nah, no idea. We've contacted the yoga studio for comment. Donate now, you selfish bastard. [via James Fallows] UPDATE: A nice lady from the yoga studio explains, below.

UPDATE: The Pad Studios sent us this email in response to our questions:


Hi there! At the end of last month the annual Yoga Journal Conference was here in town at the Hyatt regency. JADE yoga mat, one of the vendors, took it upon themselves to invite attendees to bring old or used yoga mats to be donated to overcrowded hospitals to be used as bedding. We simply acted as a place where people could drop the used mats and we then took the mats to JADE yoga's booth at the conference. From there, they organized sending the mats to Haiti to be used as bedding.

Thank you for your question and hopefully my answer clarifies the intention behind the mat drive.

Warm regards,

Leila Burrows