Today at Gawker.TV, Bill Murray dines with Anthony Bourdain, How I Met Your Mother's harem of hotties, Jon Stewart may have ripped off another comedian last night, the best commercials from the 1980s, and Mayor Bloomberg prepares us for the worst.

Mayor Bloomberg Urges Everyone Not to Kill Themselves Tomorrow
New Yorkers are bracing themselves for their very own Snowpocalypse tomorrow. And after ruining the kids' snow day tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg gave some sage advice for all the snow shovelers: Don't have a heart attack. Duly noted, sir.

Anthony Bourdain Shares a Steak With Bill Murray on No Reservations
Usually Anthony Bourdain visits exotic locales eating conch ceviché, but last night he stayed close to home by touring the Hudson Valley. And who did he happen to have dinner with? Long-time resident Bill Murray! Bourdain was in awe.

Did The Daily Show Steal a Joke from Another Comedian?
On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart lampooned the weekend's Tea Party Convention and Sarah Palin's handwritten note. One of his jokes concerned Palin's use of the "High-School-Chem-Test" method of reminders. It was a great joke, but was it original?

The 1980s: The Golden Age of Commercials
Remember the 80's? Television had really hit a stride in this exuberant decade, and it wasn't just the sitcoms, Saturday morning cartoons, and prime-time soaps, but the segments that filled the voids between.

What Happens When You Nationally Broadcast Your Phone Number During the Super Bowl?
You get an endless stream of hot women. On last night's How I Met Your Mother, Barney hired a driver for the occasion and plowed through as many women as he could. Until, of course, it drove him insane.